We, like most South Africans, love to travel and explore our country.

A part of travelling most of us love is the comfortable bed we can crawl in after a hard day on the road, to wake up refreshed and hit the road again when ready.

We are more of the traveller type than the tourist type. We do take photos but we love making memories even more.

This site is aimed at helping you to make more memories. Travel. See South Africa. Take photos. Find interesting places where you may sleep. Meet people. Enjoy the experience. Go back home. Indulge in the memories.

We are your local travel guide, advising you where to travel and explore – that is if we have been there. So, if your place is not listed here please invite us to visit you and give your place the exposure it deserves.

Most important of all: Have fun! Oh, and to have fun please select a Magical Place on the right!