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This is an example of a Listing. You are more than welcome to use this as a basis for your own listings.

  1. Use the name of your place as the title.
  2. Write your text in an easy-to-read style, rather than bulleted points.
  3. Cover the following items in your text where possible:
    • Name of your place.
    • Where you are located with some reference to distance or time from closest town or landmark.
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    • Mention the facilities on your property visitors can partake in e.g. hiking trails, swimming pools, games room, chapel, conference facilities, etc.. If visitors are charged extra for anything also mention that.
    • Mention facilities in the area visitors can partake in or visit, e.g. zip lines, nature reserves, historical places, etc.
    • Almost all places have something unique to them that makes visitors come to you. If you have a unique selling point use that to our advantage. Tell people why they should come to your place.
    • Rather undersell and over-deliver, than the other way around.
    • Al posts in English only. If English is not your first language don’t worry too much about that. It is not ours either but we have a good grasp of it and also have some tools that will pick up some of the worst mistakes and help us correct it. We will make sure it is an easy read before we hit the “Publish” button. Nobody is perfect. We sometimes find mistakes a long time after we published and we fix them as we find them or as they are pointed out to us.
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    • Don’t use words that have no meaning or different meaning to different people, for example, lovely, awesome (never use this word), beautiful, etc.. What is beautiful to you could be ugly to the next reader and they may find your advertising misleading. Keep to simple English and the facts only. We do use some of these words when we do reviews because we claim that our reviews are personal opinions. For now, you are simply placing an ad with us.
    • Keep your wording below 300 words, below 200 words will even be better. You need to keep your reader’s attention all the way up to the end.
    • So, here is our example should you need some direction.

Example Listing lies only 15 minutes from Vosburg in the Northern Cape. This self-catering cottage offers views over the arid landscape and is ideally situated for astronomers of all levels, setting up equipment on a small hill only 250 meters from the cottage.

Provision is made for four persons, one double bed in one room and two single beds in the living area. Bedding and bathrooms towels are provided but bring your owns towels for swimming. The bathroom has a shower (hot water provided by a donkey) and flushing toilet. The kitchen with all necessary cooking utensils and cutlery is equipped with a gas stove and paraffin fridge. Electricity is solar-powered and limited to use for lighting and cellphone chargers via fixed USB ports. The lounge has a fireplace and braai facilities are found on the stoep.

You may explore this 6258-hectare farm using three hiking/MTB cycling trails ranging from 2.8 km to 12.9 km. The trails will take you to three sites, the ruins of an old farmhouse where one of our first presidents spent part of his childhood, some geological excavation sites where we erected information boards about the geology on the farm and area, and past our farmhouse where you may use our swimming pool. Fitter people are welcome to stretch legs even more on the surrounding roads.

We also offer one camping site with private facilities consisting of donkey heated water for showers, long-drop toilet, scullery and braai facilities. No electricity, unfortunately.

Back in town, you will find two museums, and birdwatchers can keep an eye open for blue cranes, black eagles and flamingos in the area.

Call us now to enjoy a comfortable stay on a quiet and peaceful farm in the Karoo.

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