Our Bekkie Awards was introduced during 2018 – the year Besembek et alia officially started operating. We, Riaan (Besembek), Irma (Raasbekkie) and Besembekkie (#besembekkie) felt that we needed to find a way to say thank you to the establishments going out of their way to make us feel welcome and give us the best service they could.

There are no specific criteria one needs to meet for being awarded a Bekkie Award. We do reviews for a national magazine and newspaper and some of the places we visit have a good chance of being published by either or both of these publications. There is some filtering applied. However, ALL places we visit are published as part of our Magical Places on this web site (unless they disappointed us – yes, it does unfortunately happen), and ANY Magical Place could be a Bekkie Award winner.

We go with the feeling of how much we loved going there and being there, what our interactions were like with the owners or managers, how much we enjoyed the stay, and how much we loved interacting with the locals. We don’t care about food, no food, electricity, no electricity, matching cutlery, odd pieces of cutlery, all 100% perfect working and presentable condition, all not 100% perfect working and presentable condition. It is not about tick boxes. It is about the complete experience.

Our awards go to:

Award Year Magical Place Reason
2019 – Platinum To be announced soon For magnificent views, lush and green gardens, excellent accommodation, superb hosts, scrumptious breakfast, fruit offered to us from the garden by the gardener. An overall winner.
2019 – Gold To be announced soon For most unique cottage largely off-grid. It was an eye-opener to us on how much resources we let go to waste why we can harvest so much from nature for free. Lovely hosts where a ten-minute chat turned into a two-hour coffee drinking session! We learned so much!
2019 – Silver To be announced soon For almost no contact with any person during our stay – sometimes we also need this. Self-check-in and late check-in and self-check-out. Private plunge pool and good directions. Complete privacy in this glamping spot.
2019 – Bronze To be announced soon This was our first review in a town and the guys knocked our socks off. Friendly hosts, an inviting garden where one feels most welcome. We loved the decor of this old house. The town was not too bad either :-).
2018 – Platinum Sneezewood Farm, Dundee, Kwazulu-Natal For the magnitude of information provided by the owners (some of it from their library of books), their lovely cottage we stayed in, and the complete farm atmosphere.
2018 – Gold Houtenrus, Tonteldoos, Limpopo. OK. We know. Houtenrus is in Mpumalanga. Tonteldoos is in Limpopo. Let’s just say it is in Mpumapopo! For the personalised attention we received, the pet-friendly accommodation, Jojo the pup (and the other dogs), the locals were awesome! Also the history lessons, the bookshelf in the cottage, the sheep and the cattle. Peace.
2018 – Silver Brahman Hills, Nottingham Road, Kwazulu-Natal For the spa! Oh, also the friendly and helpful locals at the shopping centre across the road. and buying books in Nottingham Road.
2018 – Bronze Thanda Safari Tented Camp, Hluhluwe, Kwazulu-Natal For the staff. The field guides and trackers, hospitality and game managers. One can stay anywhere in a luxury tent, see the Big Five, go on game drives and have good food. Here the staff members made a difference.

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