Horrible photo, great opportunities

This is a horrible photo. I’m sitting on our stoep waiting for the sun to show face. Like yesterday, I very much doubt that we will see the sun today. Yr said so. We can expect another overcast, windy and rainy day and on top of that we have very little planned for today. Maybe a visit to an eatery or take-away. Or simply finishing all the food in the fridge. But all of this does not limit the flowing of creative juices. There is something about being on holiday and having horrible photo days. Almost like a rejuvenating force sweeping one off your feet. You think. And you plan. And you come up with ideas to add to you wallet instead of removing from it. On horrible photo days one has the time to do exactly that. I’m busy making lists for the future. Things to do in horrible photo years to help pay municipal bills and cover medical aid and simply make survival a bit easier. Sometimes great opportunity listing days come hidden as horrible photo days.


Manaba Beach

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Manaba Beach -30.855300, 30.381162 Accommodation - Manaba Beach

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