Mapungubwe National Park – Day Trip

Mapungubwe National Park – my favourite place on earth.

Life happens there. For me at least. Been there before when we went camping. A couple of times. And will return as many times as possible.

However, facilities have deteriorated quite a bit since our previous visit. Toilets not functioning and damaged fences and missing bench at Maloutswa Pan Hide, damaged fences at Treetop Walk, rather filthy day visitors area and it seems as if it has been like that for a long time. Also some rubbish around the Confluence picnic area. Scrapped (maybe not scrapped but it should be from what I could see) car parked at the local manager’s house at the tented camp spoils the feeling. Maybe built a proper fence around that house. The visit to the Interpretive Centre was the first and also the last. Maybe I expected more. And where on earth have you ever heard of an entrance fee of R66.66? The person who calculated that must have serious powers as no-one questioned him or her? The only places to still appear in good shape are Leokwe and Mazhou.

Besides all the issues we had a lovely day. saw a reasonable amount of game in both sections, with a show of an elephant taking a bath at Maloutswa certainly a highlight.

Can’t wait to get back there again!


Mapungubwe National Park, Alldays

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Mapungubwe National Park, Alldays -22.243464, 29.400616 Game Reserve - Mapungubwe National Park

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