Meet Besembekkie, our new family member!

Please meet Besembekkie – our latest addition to the family!

Besembekkie is a mini version of the real Besembek and will accompany us on future road trips. He will assist us in bringing all those lekker and not-so-lekker places we visit, to you. He will tell you about the people we meet and he will share all his selfies with you. Besembekkie is a bit of a narcissist, after all.

Christa Swanepoel from Vrouekeur magazine created Besembekkie. Christa is the author of many knitting and crochet books and a guru in her field – my first choice for a surrogate mum to Besembekkie. When I approached her and asked if she would knit me a doll she immediately agreed to it. Good thing she agreed as I had no second choice for a surrogate mum in mind!

This afternoon Besembekkie will undertake his first #besembekroadtrip, to his new home so he can meet the rest of his new family. They are all waiting in anticipation to meet this handsome fellow 🙂


Besembekkie with Besembek, and his surrogate mum, Christa Swanepoel. Besembekkie does not have a long concentration span and instead of looking at Dané Neuhoff who took this photograph, he already is eyeing the rest of the ladies at Vrouekeur. We will have to teach him some manners.


#besembekkie and Besembek

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#besembekkie and Besembek -26.205000, 28.049700 Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa

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