We are pretty sure we don’t have to relay this message to you but we thought we would do for the one or two person who never thought in this direction before.

Be the best host you can be. Give the best service you can. You may see hundreds or thousands of holiday makers every year. Holiday makers will see you probably once in their lifetime. Sometimes they save for years on end to reach a destination – to be hosted, fed and entertained by YOU. They will not have much patience. They will expect the best – because they paid with their best money. Give them the best. That is all they ask for. They may never have the opportunity to come back and experience your best the second time if you gave them your second-best the first time.

Yes, we do understand that they sometimes may have unreasonable requests, are simply rude, and sometimes you may even wonder how some of them ever deserve the air they breath. Don’t worry, we have seen that. We find that quite often, in almost every group of people you will find one person pushing your limits in different ways. Always try to turn them over. It may not be easy but it is possible – this we also experienced.

“Everything, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” – from “The Guide’s Guide to Guiding” (Garth Thompson)

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