The Butterfly Effect, Sudwala Caves

Included in your entrance fees to visit the Sudwala Caves, is a visit to The Butterfly Effect.

The main purpose of this establishment is the conservation of local butterflies – but that is not where their story ends. The butterfly domes are next to the most beautiful gardens with a number of small, isolated spots where one can sit and do some self-search. Find those answers in life. All based on a simple philosophy: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Of course, you may want to do even more and see if you can come up with answers to your questions by walking the Unity Labyrinth. This was the first time I have walked a labyrinth and no answers came up for me. However, I’m not shooting this down as I guess I simply was not in the right state of mind, too many other things occupying my mind at that time. Should I ever get the opportunity again I will most definitely walk a labyrinth again -hopefully with better results this time?


The Butterfly Effect, Sudwala Caves

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The Butterfly Effect, Sudwala Caves -25.374430, 30.697110 The Butterfly Effect, Sudwala Caves

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