The Day of the OrNots

Yesterday was the Day of the OrNots.

The Besembek gang took a walk around Mamagalie Lodge (proper review to follow) yesterday morning. We wanted to explore the rock pools but when we came to a dam #besembekkie decided he needed a rest. While Irma and I started taking photos he was pondering the feasibility of fishing on a hot Saturday morning. He was thinking very hard on whether he should fish OrNot.

In the end, he decided not to, and we had to decide if we were going to proceed our journey to the rock pools OrNot.

Since none of us felt like braving the heat any longer we retreated to our lodge and did what one should do on a chill weekend: Read and snooze.

Later the afternoon I started a fire envisaging a braai like no other. #besembekkie happily supervised the proceedings. The coals started looking beautiful and handsome. Not sure if the coals male or female so I will use both beautiful and handsome.  And the next thing: lightning, thunder and rain. All of us hastily retreated to the safety of our lodge while we waited for the rain to subside. We were starting to work on Plan B for supper as we were not sure if we would braai that afternoon OrNot.

While the coals from the first fire were taking shape, and before the rains came down, I decided to test the waters in our private plunge pool. Now keep in mind that it was a very hot day, but when I got in I found that the water in the plunge pool never received the message that the day was a hot one so I had to make a decision about submerging my upper body in the freezing water OrNot.

I did not. However, while I was having difficulties in the plunge pool making vitally important decisions Irma apparently had no trouble figuring out if she was going to have a glass of wine OrNot.

The rain cleared up and we found our fire could be rescued so the braai continued, however, we now ran into a new problem. During the storm, we lost electricity. This was not a problem as Mamagalie has a generator running at intervals to keep fridges functioning. However, as bedtime approached, and with no generator running at that time we were not sure if we would be able to have our bedtime coffee (cold drinks were part of Plan B, but it wasn’t a good plan) like we always do OrNot.

Fortunately, Genny Ruiters kicked in and we had enough time to boil some water.

So that was our day of OrNots. Fishing. Braai. Getting wet.Wine.  Coffee. OrNot. In the end, it was a good one!


Mamagalie Mountain Lodge

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