The Midlands Kitchen

Stopped for a pie and a Very Berry smoothie at The Midlands Kitchen. It is quite an impressive marketing stunt they pulled with the number of “kitchens” they have. What was not impressive at all was the service when we got there.  Waited FOREVER to be served. Eventually, after throwing our toys out the cot (something we seldom do), a lady with the name of Yvonne stepped up and stepped in and took control of an almost hopeless scenario.

Small mistakes with my order, with our takeaway and the final bill (we are still waiting for it – in the end we told them what we had, added it all up using a calculator and gave them cash) still took place but after trying to reason this all out myself I think it boiled down to a problem with communications amongst waiters and also between waiting and kitchen staff. It does not exist. However, it appeared the patrons arriving after us received much better service. Also, the food was very good. We consider this as a once-off incident and may stop there again. Just off the N3 at Nottingham Road.


Midlands Kitchen, Nottingham Road

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Midlands Kitchen, Nottingham Road -29.316404, 30.049260 Midlands Kitchen, Nottingham Road

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