Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf

#besembekkie attended a family birthday party in Rooiberg so we found accommodation at Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf, between Bela-Bela and Rooiberg.

We had a warm welcome by Henk who explained all to us and then let us free on his property. We stayed in a chalet with everything we needed, even wood was provided. What we loved most was the animals roaming free around the property. Pigs, sheep, and donkeys (the pigs and donkeys visiting us often, begging for food), and some impala and nyala were also roaming the property. This certainly was one of the nicest farm-like experiences we had in a long time. No luxuries (not even a TV, but that is the way we prefer our breaks), the essentials, and lots of time to spend with the family.

We will do a proper review soon.



Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf, Bela-Bela, Limpopo

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Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf, Bela-Bela, Limpopo -24.843839, 28.122768 Accommodation - Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf

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