Weekend road trip coming up – Venterskroon! (postponed :-( )

We unfortunately had to postpone this trip because off an injured back. Fortunately our hosts were understanding. Thanks you, Coen and Annatjie. As soon as Besembek can walk again without holding onto walls and doors to stay upright we will re-shedule.  This is what was planned:

We have a weekend road trip coming up!

#besembekkie is on his way to explore one or two places in the Venterskroon area. To give you a quick frame of reference as to where Venterskroon is – between Parys and Potchefstroom.

This will be #besembekkie ‘s first official road trip and he cannot wait to hit the road. Keep an eye on this page and also on our fb page for any updates on our travels. We will turn on live tracking so if you follow us and would like to meet #besembekkie please do so. Our live dash cam will also be up provided we have strong signal.

This all is planned for the weekend 3-5 May 2019.



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