Wild Meat Cafe, Giyani

Giyani is not your regular tourist destination. You will find four types of people in Giyani:

  1. The ones living there.
  2. The ones passing through.
  3. The ones visiting friends and family.
  4. The ones having meat from Wild Meat Cafe in Giyani,  a butchery specializing in venison meat.

So what were we doing there? We were part of the latter two groups.  We visited friends – and had a ball of a time!

It was a short visit but friend and owner of Wild Meat Cafe, Neil van der Merwe (sorry, no Van jokes allowed on social media anymore), provided us with chilli wors and a HUGE piece of venison fillet. Both were delicious! We, unfortunately, did not get a picture of the wors – it disappeared too quick, but we managed to get a picture of the fillet on the coals!

Does not matter if you are a number one, two, three or four reason-to-visit-Gyiani-person, next time you are around Giyani and need some meat make sure to stop at Wild Meat Cafe. Much better than finger-likin’.



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Giyani -23.315300, 30.725600 Eatery - Giyani

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