Are you the owner or manager of a place of accommodation? If you answer is YES you may list your establishment for free on our site in TWO easy steps:

  1. Register as a host on our site. You won’t have access immediately as we will approve your request manually. This usually happens within a couple of hours, but if we are not on the internet at that time it may take a day or two before we get to that.
  2. Add your listing. Once approved, you may add your listing. You will be able to list multiple properties and units as you need. All listings and amendments will also be approved by us first before being published. This simply is to protect us, and you, from any listing that does not conform to social media norms and legislation. We also reserve the right to edit any listings in order to conform to our standards and style.

This really is very easy to do and will give you more exposure FOR FREE. Keep in mind that our listings are all submitted to and indexed by Google and Bing and you will also reap the benefit of your listing showing up on search engines on these two sites.

Obviously, the benefit for places we have not reviewed will not extend as far as the benefit for places we reviewed. Limitations will be put in place in order to ensure places allowing us to do reviews on their establishments receive a substantial benefit. Places we review receive regular exposure on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and may be published in a national magazine and/or newspaper should your establishment meet their criteria. Furthermore, these establishments also received the additional benefit of being enrolled in a banner advertising program giving them additional exposure on a number of South African websites.

To see some of the places we reviewed before have a look at our Magical Places.

Take action now.

To have your establishment listed and reviewed like the establishments on these pages (AT A VALUE OF R25,305.00 - R65,100.00 AND AT NO CASH EXPENSE TO YOU) is very easy - and you don't even have to be on our wish list! Please visit our CONTACT page. To report any establishments listed here but not in operation anymore, or to correct any incorrect contact details, please CONTACT us.