Hosts may place adverts here for specials they have at their place of accommodation. Simply complete the form below.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The primary function of these rapid ads is for a host to advertise specials available at short notice. This would be for where you would drop prices to fill unoccupied space for e.g. next weekend or over the next two weeks. Also where cancellations were received and you can allow people to occupy space at reduced prices.
  2. Rapid Ads may also be used for out-of-season specials, long-term stays, or specials associated with special occasions e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.
  3. This is for specials only, not advertising at regular pricing. If we find that you are advertising at normal pricing claiming it to be specials your association will be terminated.
  4. Images should not be larger than 1500 pixels on either x-axis or y-axis, but it does not have to be square.
  5. Only one image is allowed, and it is a requirement.
  6. No duplicate titles are allowed. We suggest you use a combination of the name of your place/accommodation unit and dates your special are valid for.
  7. Adverts are for accommodation only, and additional items you add to the accommodation package. Adverts not including accommodation at reduced prices will not be accepted.
  8. To advertise using this facility you need to have listed your facility with us.
  9. All new posts will be manually approved by Besembek, so it will not be displayed immediately. It may take us up to 24 hours to get to your post.
  10. Ensure you include the following in you Rapid Ads:
    1. The unit or facility the special is for.
    2. The dates this special applies to.
    3. Contact details for bookings, and please make sure these are manned and answered to. Telephone number, e-mail. If you use an online booking system ensure your special pricing reflects there already. In addition to this, the registered URL on your user profile will also be displayed and is a requirement for submitting this form. Ensure that it is correct in your user profile before you submit this form. Should you receive “Error: User URL Incorrect” it means your website address in your user profile is incorrect or does not exist and you will need to fix that first before you will be able to continue. In case you do not have a web page to point to you may point to your Non-Verified listing, for example,
  11. Once your Rapid Ad has been posted it is your responsibility to make sure all information is correct.
  12. You accept that these terms and conditions may be adjusted at any time in order to protect any persons concerned.
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