We have GREAT news of GREAT value for places of accommodation! >>

If you own or know someone who owns a place of accommodation, keep reading!

Lockdown levels 5-3 had a major impact on the tourism industry, most of our establishments we visited and reviewed, and also on us. Our traveling and reviews came to an abrupt halt, we read about many places (and more specific places of accommodation) closing their doors. Since 27 March 2020, a lot has happened in our family. #raasbekkie was retrenched, #besembekkie and #houjoubekkie were packed up and shelved, and #besembek himself took a huge pay cut and work long hours and very hard trying to keep things together.

We lost something, but we also gained something!

Two of the national publications we did reviews for, and where we managed to get a number of our hosts published in, closed their doors permanently. This left us hanging with uncertainty as to what value we could offer our hosts on top of our permanent exposure on this blog, our regular social media exposure for them on all the channels we participate in, and the banner advertisements we arrange for our on all participating web sites. However, the #bekkies are not known for giving up once they set their minds to something. A few weeks ago we had discussions with the editor of another national magazine which also has a large footprint into the rest of Africa as far as distribution and readership are concerned. AND, yesterday we learned that we will proceed to do reviews for them! This is of more value than before!

You need to contact us to reap the benefits!

So, NO excuses from anybody! We already have a few places of accommodation lined up for publication. Unfortunately, the criteria are a bit different from what it was for Country Escapes in Country Life SA and Hidden Gems in Safari News, but you are still welcome to CONTACT us and we will see where we could get you published, either on at least this blog or on this blog AND in the magazine we work with now.


To have your establishment listed and reviewed like the establishments on these pages (AT A VALUE OF R25,305.00 - R65,100.00 AND AT NO CASH EXPENSE TO YOU) is very easy - and you don't even have to be on our wish list! Please visit our CONTACT page. To report any establishments listed here but not in operation anymore, or to correct any incorrect contact details, please CONTACT us.