Oupa se Plaas.

“Oupa-se-plaas” is exactly as I remember my late grandfather’s farm: No electricity, no cell phone reception (ok, cell phones did not exist then), jaw-breaking gates, hot water from fire and true farmer hospitality!

Nothing luxurious at all and definitely not in the taste of those requiring everyday luxuries, but exactly how we prefer it. Perfect ablution and scullery facilities.

Thanks a mil, Regard, Donné, Tanya, Chris and most important: Karnallie! We loved the Nomad-adventure, also all the nice places you showed us and the pleasant chats. Karnallie, the brave and adventurous Labrador, lived up to his name and stole Leopard’s – who else hangs his catch over the branch of a tree? – food out of a tree not far from where we camped!

We sat for hours watching ants gathering food, and listened to all the lovely sounds of nature. Unfortunately, time caught up with us but we will visit again – this time for longer.

  • Oupa-se-Plaas, Modimolle
    Oupa-se-Plaas, Modimolle

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