Owen the Artist

Just outside Linga Lapa, we found Owen. Owen sells all kinds of crafts and curio made by himself and some of his family members. I decided to purchase a family of meerkat to replace the flock of flamingo, owned by Melanie Olivier, currently residing in my office. We were Owen’s first customers for the day and he gave us a ten rand discount on each meerkat. During the day we decided to make more purchases from Owen and rushed back only to see him leave after he has packed up and locked away all his stock. He did not hesitate for a moment to open up his storeroom and take out what we needed. Excellent service, Owen!


Linga Lapa, Off N3, Nottingham Road

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Linga Lapa, Off N3, Nottingham Road -29.315366, 30.049496 Linga Lapa, Off N3, Nottingham Road

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