Relish at The Junction

The Junction is a small shopping ‘village’ on the main road in Nottingham Road. There are a number of businesses dealing in properties, chocolate, toys, crafts, health products, antiques and then the Relish.

The Relish is a restaurant with a fine menu but we were between meals during our visit so we went for a fruit juice. Seating is available inside or outside underneath large, shady trees. What did get me all excited about this place is the huge amount of secondhand books available for sale here. Wherever they could find space there is a bookshelf filled with books covering almost every topic under the sun. And then there also are novels. (Ok. I don’t read too much non-fiction so novels aren’t books according to my definition). I had to think about space in the car so I stuck to one book only. Next time I will come better prepared!


Relish at The Junction

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Relish at The Junction -29.357043, 29.996568 Relish at The Junction

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