#besembekkie & Besembek

Where do #besembekkie and Besembek come from?

Besembek was given the nickname of Besembek by a drill sergeant during military training after a very funny incident took place on the parade ground. A direct translation of Besembek from Afrikaans to English will be “Broom Mouth” after the beard Besembek has had from the day he left school.

A few years ago Besembek and his wife, also known as “Raasbekkie” (but that is a story for another day), started travelling all over South Africa, doing reviews for a magazine and newspaper. As time progressed they realised that there are more to their road trips than doing reviews on luxurious places of accommodation, and started a travel blog known as Besembek et alia (“Besembek and others”). Besides covering the places tasked by the publications, they also started covering all kinds of interesting places to visit, and also on the lesser-known and off-the-grid spots where one can lay down your head for the night. They also are on an eternal quest to find the best Pap & Kaiings and Omelette in South Africa.

In March 2019 #besembekkie joined the Besembek et alia team after Besembek decided he is not into selfies and needed a clone to fulfil that part. Christa Swanepoel from Vrouekeur agreed to take up a small weekend project and knitted #besembekkie, a “mini-me” of the real Besembek.

Join them and follow the road trips and reviews of Besembek et alia at besembek.co.za or on https://web.facebook.com/besembekroadtrip/.


Besembek, #besembekkie, and Christa Swanepoel
Besembek, #besembekkie, and Christa Swanepoel




South Africa

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Highland Padstal: -27.686596, 29.552810
Bothaspas Kontreiwinkel: -27.630038, 29.740419
Sneezewood Farm B and B: -28.198986, 30.198755
Blood River Historical Site: -28.105676, 30.539804
Miner\'s Rest Restaurant: -28.157317, 30.259652
The Aloes Shop: -28.806525, 29.811026
Manaba Beach: -30.855300, 30.381162
Shelly Centre: -30.810449, 30.409588
Lilly\'s Bread Bin, Margate: -30.864206, 30.369977
St Mikes Book Exchange and Sales, St Michaels by Sea: -30.816447, 30.405159
Tight-line Fisheries, Shelly Beach: -30.811908, 30.407721
Lake Eland Game Reserve, Oribi Gorge, Port Shepstone: -30.692416, 30.179781
Mac Valley Farm Stall, Oribi Gorge, Port Shepstone: -30.681879, 30.222745
Leopard Rock Coffee Shop and Lookout Chalets, Oribi Gorge: -30.652625, 30.280048
Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, Port Shepstone: -30.687932, 30.267248
Toeka se Dae, Bela-Bela, Limpopo: -24.915864, 28.364468
Voorbegin Bosveldverblyf, Bela-Bela, Limpopo: -24.843839, 28.122768
Koekepan Pub and Restaurant, Rooiberg, Limpopo: -24.765849, 27.733526
Peet se Padstal, Bela-Bela, Limpopo: -24.900996, 28.248768
Casa Caritas, Kempton Park: -26.084321, 28.206453
#besembekkie and Besembek: -26.205000, 28.049700
Anything Fishy, Scottburgh Beach: -30.283323, 30.758630
Pistols Saloon and Wild West Museum: -30.902400, 30.321515
Trading Post, Southbroom: -30.910528, 30.315453
Mac Banana Farm Stall, Port Edward: -30.992491, 30.260081
Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, Port Edward: -31.044790, 30.181804
Rotary Uvongo Fleamarket, Uvongo: -30.838978, 30.388988
Vetkoek Den, Manaba Beach: -30.852031, 30.379729
Wimpy, Margate Beach: -30.862208, 30.371221
Butterfly Valley, Ramsgate: -30.887586, 30.340655
Seafood Shack, Manaba Beach: -30.852346, 30.379069
The Waffle House, Ramsgate: -30.888005, 30.347615
Nelson Mandela Capture Site, Howick: -29.469196, 30.171110
Brahmann Hills, Nottingham Road: -29.315216, 30.051877
Midlands Kitchen, Nottingham Road: -29.316404, 30.049260
Linga Lapa, Off N3, Nottingham Road: -29.315366, 30.049496
Relish at The Junction: -29.357043, 29.996568
Highmoor Park, KZN: -29.339087, 29.618111
Fat Harry\'s, Nottingham Road: -29.325422, 29.688739
Welkom Kafee, Parys: -26.899984, 27.461683
Elineze Art, Craft & Gifts, Parys: -26.901176, 27.453069
Hluhluwe Farm Stall: -28.011007, 32.245072
Thanda Safari: -27.976514, 32.215433
Houtenrus: -25.301743, 30.006194
The Cat and the Cow, Tonteldoos: -25.319570, 29.990358
Granny Dot’s Country Spot: -23.926798, 30.116787
The Wheelbarrow Roadstall, Tzaneen: -23.803830, 30.106198
Allesbeste Padstal, Tzaneen: -23.802466, 30.121926
Sudwala Caves, Nelspruit: -25.369321, 30.699502
The Butterfly Effect, Sudwala Caves: -25.374430, 30.697110
Old Joe, the Stone, Schoemanskloof: -25.419633, 30.489979
Loggers Pub & Grill, Sabie: -25.100018, 30.779051
Giyani: -23.315300, 30.725600
Mapungubwe National Park, Alldays: -22.243464, 29.400616
Kalahari Oasis: -24.832623, 28.082213
Kallie die Kameelperd: -26.864444, 27.594931
Howick Falls: -29.485426, 30.237889
Mamagalie Mountain Lodge: -25.814650, 27.522039
Jasmyn Plaasprodukte: -25.754000, 27.910273
Puschka Farm: -25.942494, 27.333126
Paganini\'s Italian Cuisine: -25.962212, 27.527232
À la Maison Boutique Guesthouse: -26.899406, 27.453021
O\'s Restaurant, Parys: -26.896573, 27.453235
Die Eiffel Coffee Shop, Parys: -26.904912, 27.449193
Memel Slaghuis: -27.680998, 29.565883
Hartland Oase, Memel: -27.681167, 29.564134
Sibani Luxury Tents: -25.980037, 27.710180

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