Blood River Battle Field

We managed to get to Blood River site after the rain of yesterday.

Worth a visit if you have any interest in the Zulu/Boer conflicts. Even kids will appreciate a trip here as it is one of the very few battle sites where there is something “tangible and they can get their minds around” – nice words from Paul from Sneezewood Farm! We were shown a video with some basic background as to what lead up to this historic battle. There is a small restaurant on site (we, unfortunately, were there too early for breakfast) and even accommodation should you need to stay over in that area. We were running out of time and did not get to the Zulu-part of the exhibition – next time!

Update: It took me a while to decide if I should add this or not.  I decided to do this six weeks after the visit. The purpose of this web site and the reviews we do here is to show the good. If something is out of place, broken, or maybe just not 100% we will mention it to the ones responsible so they can have it attended to – and sometimes even mention that in a review. If something is very bad we simply would not report about it. However, this is something very good (Blood River battle site) but the experience, unfortunately, was very bad. We were received by a youngster at Blood River, a real Mr Know-It -All-Not-Really-Knowing-Much. Not a person who should be in that position. Trying to force down his ideas and ideologies onto visitors – because one has an interest in the history of Boer/Zulu conflict does not mean one is ultra-conservative or extreme right-winged. The fact that we are Afrikaans speaking South Africans possibly made it easy for him – not sure if he does that to English speaking visitors and/or foreigners. As we were on holiday and honestly did not feel like spoiling our Sunday morning we decided not to confront the little chap and just let him be happy in his world. I think he was the reason we did not get to the Zulu part of this exhibition – time was not an issue. We just wanted out – and never return. Rushed down to the wagons, took our happy snaps and decided to leave. And then we had to use the toilets. Tried to sneak back into the building without being noticed but failed – were forced to face our biggest fear – AGAIN :-). Sad that I never will feel like taking my children or grandchildren there after this visit. Yes, Your Horrible Member, this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Blood River Historical Site

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Blood River Historical Site -28.105676, 30.539804 Historical - Blood River Battle Field

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