Howick Falls

We paid a visit to Howick Falls. This one was interesting as many of the other waterfalls we have been to thus far, we had to drive for kilometres between towns to reach them. Not Howick Falls. Drive through town, turn right. Go past the hotel and a few shops and there you are. Right on the edge of town. Well, in all honesty, I don’t think nature would allow the town to expand any further in that direction anyway.

Howick Falls ranks as the 4th highest fall in South Africa. It also appears to be a spot considered by many for murders and suicides. A number of stalls are available where one can spend your money on crafts. Mainly bead-, wood- and stonework. And some other girly stuff like handbags.

Oh, and the town I’m referring to of course is Howick ?!


Howick Falls

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Howick Falls -29.485426, 30.237889 Nature - Howick Falls

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