Sudwala Caves, Mpumalanga

We stopped at the Sudwala Caves, a few kilometres off the N4 close to Nelspruit. This is one of those places just too inconvenient to visit while en route between Gauteng and the Lowveld so we decided to add this stop to our road trip. Both Irma and I were there as kids. I must be honest, what I remember as a kid and what I experienced as an adult are two different things. I think I expected more. I’m sure we covered far more distance when I was a kid. Maybe it simply is because my steps are much larger now! However, it still was a great experience so if you ever get the opportunity to go please do so.

Be warned that the steps from the parking area up to the entrance to the cave has taken the breath out of both Irma and myself, but we survived to see another day! There also is a fish spa where fish can nibble away dead skin on your feet and a dinosaur park with life-size statues of these beasts.



Sudwala Caves, Nelspruit

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Sudwala Caves, Nelspruit -25.369321, 30.699502 Sudwala Caves, Nelspruit

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