Mapungubwe National Park - Mazhou Camping.

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The Mazhou Camp Site is situated in the Western part of Mapungubwe National Park. A number of types of accommodation are available in Mapungubwe including a luxurious lodge, chalets, glamping, a wilderness camp, and camping, of which we went for the latter.

Ten camping sites come in various sizes, allocation takes place on a first-come-first-served basis. Two toilets and two showers (supposed to be one each for males and females but we experienced very much unisex usage during one of our visits ), a bathroom for the disabled, and shared scullery. Electricity, a light, braai facility, and tap is at each site. Most sites are covered by shade but one must be careful as a small branch from a thorn tree fell on one of our tents and we ended up with ripped canvas (nothing duct tape can’t fix and we have been camping for more than eight years now with the same tent fixed with the same pieces of tape).  Now here is the interesting part: this is a park with four of the Big Five- no buffalo. Two electrified cables about hip to chest height above ground keep elephants out.  Anything else is most welcome to visit.

There really is something soul-touching about Mapungubwe. We loved it so much during our first two-night stay that we returned again for another five-night stay not long after. It does not have as many animals as Kruger. Nor vegetation. Nor facilities. There is a bare, ruggedness, so-close-to-nature-one-can-hear-the-rocks-weather-feeling. And that is when you can also hear your soul. At night the lions were roaring, in the morning we were greeted by a herd of elephants at the gate as we left camp. And it is hot. Take plenty of water if you can.

It is easy to fall in love with a number of places in the park. The Maloutswa hide where we patiently sat for hours on end enjoying the wildlife and taking pictures, the picnic site close to the confluence of Sashe and Limpopo rivers, the animals and birds, the majestic baobabs.

An award-winning (for architecture) interpretive center where one can have guided talks, or simply browse through all at your own pace, on the history of Mapungubwe is located not far from the main gate. Walks to the top of Mapungubwe Hill can be booked and the same for game drives.

Will we go back? Absolutely! And we have been – and will as soon as we possibly can!


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  • Listing ID: 1149
  • Closest Town: Alldays
  • Accommodation Types Available: Luxurious lodge, chalets, glamping, a wilderness camp and camping
  • Accommodation Type Used by Reviewer: Camping
  • Sleeping arrangements at unit used by Reviewer: Own tent, shared ablutions and scullery
  • Bathrooms at unit used by Reviewer: Shared abutions
  • Guests: Chris Hattingh, Riaan, Irma and Martin Hattingh
  • Length of stay (Nights): 5
  • Area: Mountain, River, Game Farm / Nature Reserve
  • Foodies: Self-Catering ONLY
  • Paraplegic facilities: Unknown
  • Other Importanties: Bring own Bedding, Bring own Cutlery, Bring own Bath Towels, Bring own Swimming Towels, Electricity, NO Refrigerator Available, NO Wood for sale, NO Ice for sale
  • Reviewed by Besembek et alia and published in:: Besembek et alia