Beavers Creek Coffee Estate

Any visit to the South Coast is incomplete without a visit to Beavers Creek. They have bottomless coffee on the menu and a fair variety of food if you need to get your teeth dirty. The toasted sandwiches we had were excellent. They also have lots of other items to purchase to take away like coffee – duh -, honey, biscuits and lots more.

Tours on the workings on the farm take place at 11 AM. Unfortunately, that is the time we were there and the place was swamped with buses loaded with excited kids and seemingly more excited teachers and even way more excited mini-bus drivers. So if you plan on NOT doing the tour we suggest you work a bit harder on your timing than what we did.


Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, Port Edward

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Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, Port Edward -31.044790, 30.181804 Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, Port Edward

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