We are on a road trip!

Not always :-(. But when we are you will know about it. On this page you will be able to follow us when we do hit the road. You are most welcome to follow us as a registered member, and contact us if you would like to direct us in a specific direction.

Please refresh often

[tsmap user=besembek50 live:true width:150% maxage:30d infobar: true continuous: true]
  • A Green Dot indicates starting point of last segment.
  • A Red Dot indicates end point of last segment, or CURRENT LOCATION in case of a live feed.
  • This map will be in “Live Feed” mode most of the time while we are on the road and will center the end point on the map at regular intervals.
  • Click on the filled square on the left of the map if you would like to temporarily disable live feed and explore other areas of the map.
  • To enable Live Feed (if disabled) click on the arrow on the left of the map.
  • Click on the framed square to view the map in full screen mode.
  • Click on the framed square with small filled square inside to return view to normal mode.
  • You may zoom in and out with the + and – signs on the left of the map.

Follow us and see where we are!

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