Live tracking and update on our road trip

Those following us on live tracking will have noticed that our tracks stopped dead at Thanda Safari Nature Reserve. We had a meeting with their management just before we checked out – over breakfast and cup of coffee. It turned out they need people like Irma and I. So we decided to stay. End of our journey and travels. We now will track rhino and cheetah for the rest of our lives. Maintain trap cameras and kill invasive plant species. Apply contraception to elephant cows, maintain fences and roads and buildings. Find prides of lion and make sure their cubs are healthy.

I think I should start writing fiction.

Truth is we had a meeting with management at Thanda shortly before check out – over breakfast and a cup of coffee.  We had such a lekker chat with Ashleigh (GM) and Mariana (Wildlife Co-ordinator), while Martin and Lucky waited for us, the poor dudes, that what was meant to be a half hour meeting turned into a more than two hour meeting. We were running late and in our rush to get back to Johannesburg we could not find our wi-fi router, decided not to waste time on searching for it in our bags,  and thus had no data to share our live location with you.

Our sincerest apologies about that!

Let it be known that we are safe back at home, and already started working on our next road trip. We already had two offers for accommodation. Just need to save petrol money to get there. Thank you for your input and support in getting this test project going.  We are confident that we succeeded with or primary tests so we are ready for the next big trip. Or small. Whichever comes first!

Awesome day!


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