Kallie die Kameelperd

Kallie the Giraffe was photographed yesterday by one of our contributors, Ellen Coetzee. We believe the residents from Parys refer to the giraffe as Kallie so we will stick to that name for now. Kallie is a local celebrity and is often seen next to the R59 between the N1 and Parys. We have seen him before but never felt safe trying to stop with vehicles tailgating us at 100 km/h. Should you travel there and decide to stop for a photo please keep safety in mind first. Also, stay on your side of the fence. Giraffes may appear to be completely placid animals but some can get very aggressive if provoked and have killed people before.

We are not sure why Kallie loves this spot so much. The general thinking is that he loves the attention from passers-by and was a model in his previous life. Maybe he has the soul of a chicken and simply wishes to cross the road. Or he is longing for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. We think he simply spotted a possible future soulmate in the distance and is planning his escape so they can meet up.


Kallie die Kameelperd

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Kallie die Kameelperd -26.864444, 27.594931 Place of Interest - Kallie die Kameelperd

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