Meet #houjoubekkie

Please meet #houjoubekkie, #besembekkie’s bodyguard.

During #besembekkie‘s recent visit to Parys, he acquired the services of a permanent bodyguard, named #houjoubekkie. #houjoubekkie may appear to be a friendly dude with a great smile but in reality, he has a bad attitude and does not take any nonsense from any person or impersonator. He will quiet you down and put you in place should you ever think of harming his client, #besembekkie, in any way.

#houjoubekkie will accompany #besembekkie on his road trips. He will be present but may not always be observed as he prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the limelight – and for this reason, you will never see him wear any shades.

So, keep your eyes open and follow the movements of this duo. And please make sure you have a photo taken with at least one of them, maybe both, should you ever have the opportunity to meet them.


PS, did we mention that the services of #houjoubekkie were sponsored by Elineze Art, Craft, and Gifts in Parys?

#besembekkie and Besembek

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#besembekkie and Besembek -26.205000, 28.049700 Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa

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