Kwafubesi Tented Safari Camp.

Possibly one of the better glamping experiences we had.

And here is why: Excellent field guide, superb food and service from the house staff, not too much of a rush between activities making it easy to relax, and a small group of guests making it easy to mingle with. We left having made new friends.

Kwafubesi is not only a Big Five game reserve but they also have some cheetah. We saw all (except leopard) and lots more, including a glimpse of a caracal. Our stay included two game drives per day and the Hattinghs, completely against their character, almost missed the morning drive on their first day because they overslept!

Five tents make provision for ten guests, all equipped with a double bed, coffee station, en suite bathroom, and private deck to enjoy sunsets. All meals are provided and this was really good. We found the diversity of the menus as a bit of a surprise and had different meals every time – not something one finds every day. Bar facilities are also available.

Anything we did not like? Unfortunately, we noticed a general lack of maintenance in some areas. Toilet not flushing properly – one needs two to three flushes to leave a clean toilet bowl for the next person, a zip on the one door intermittently not functioning properly, and electrical cables lying behind the tent in a bit of a messy way, not tucked away neatly. On our first night, we experienced a heavy thunderstorm with very strong winds and one of the poles of the tent was pulled out of position resulting in a semi collapsed roof. We mentioned all of this to management and sure by now, all have been attended to.

Will we go again? Absolutely! The service we experienced from the staff was simply beyond words!

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