Pap and Kaiings at Loggers Pub & Grill!

We ended up at Loggers Pub & Grill in Sabie, Mpumalanga.

This was not part of our planned road trip. All was organised after a phone call from the family saying they were only ten minutes from Sabie. As we were only 20-or-so minutes from Sabie at that time we decided to meet up. Also, we had a special 50th to celebrate!

One of the best unplanned- stops we made in a long time. Besides the celebration, this place made our day. Friendly and helpful staff, a good menu with reasonable prices, nicely decorated (although the mix of logger equipment and bikes theme had me confused as to where I really was – I guess a hardworking biker?), even two “jeeps” for kids to play on – I read they are fully functional with only batteries and keys removed.

Nico found Pap and Kaiings on the menu and I joined in. Irma and Rennie decided to have something else and lost out on life.

A bit more about myself and pap and kaiings: Before this meal, I think the last time I had pap and kaiings was when I was a kiddie of about ten years old prepared by Ouma when Ouma and Oupa were still living on the farm on Mabula. There is this scene from a Leon Shuster movie from many moons ago: The targets are pranked into drinking something very sour (vinegar I would assume) after they were told it is wine. After swallowing they were to immediately say the words “Smaak my ‘n engel het op my tong ge-piepie” (I think and angel urinated on my tongue).  The funny part is the expressions on their faces trying to keep it all intact. “Smaak my ‘n engel het op my tong ge-piepie” has now become a common phrase after a good-tasting drink. Now, I’m not sure what the angel did on my tongue, but this was the best pap and kaiings I had in many years! Mouthwatering…

For your next pap and kaiings meal (or something else if you prefer) make sure you stop at Loggers Pub & Grill in Sabie! Awesome service!


Credit to Loggers Pub & Grill: They provided me with the Pap & Kaiings photo – we were too hungry that day to still take photos of our food. They also allowed me to use photos from their FB page. The only photo we took is the “onsie” with the birthday-boy on the left.

Loggers Pub & Grill, Sabie

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Loggers Pub & Grill, Sabie -25.100018, 30.779051 Pap and Kaiings - Loggers Pub & Grill, Sabie

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