Warmbaths, Forever Resorts – Camping.

Warmbaths, a Forever resort, is located in the Hetbad Nature Reserve in Bela-Bela, Limpopo. It offers various types of accommodation, including chalets, tented camps, lodges, cabins, hotel suites, and camping – the one we opted for.

The stands are spacious and we had access to electricity, a braai area with a shared water tap. Ablution facilities are neat, cleaned often, and adequate. Help is available to pitch caravans and tents if needed.

The facilities at this resort are on par to make for an excellent family holiday with swimming pools, slides, wave pool, putt-putt, a number of eateries, and a lot more. If you are energetic or have children to entertain, this certainly is the place for you. We appreciated the more relaxed atmosphere at the hydro pool, allowing us to really relax as one should. With 24-hour access to the heated swimming pools, we also loved the late-night swimming.

This resort certainly is the main attraction to the town, followed by a number of other resorts and places of accommodation close-by. We had a number of times where we had to travel through town and past the entrance to the resort. We do not recommend that you try and visit on a long weekend, a public holiday, or during school holidays unless you are in the rush with thousands of people trying to find parking and get through the gates. It simply is not worth it. For a quiet time rather opt for out-of-season midweek breaks, or if you only can get there over a weekend ensure it does not fall over a public holiday or during school holidays.

We certainly will return should we ever have the opportunity again, but we will make sure our timing is perfect!


Warmbaths, Forever Resorts.Bela-Bela

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